Literary translation and identity in the Iberian Peninsula – Third IberTRANSLATIO Symposium

18-19 April, 2024 | UPV/EHU - Bilbao

Project IberTRANSLATIO, promoted by CEComp research clusters DIIA and MOV, organises its Third International Symposium in collaboration with project LAIDA - Literatura e Identidad, from the Universidad del País Vasco.

The meeting, dedicated to the topic "Literary translation and identity in the Iberian Peninsula", will take place in Bilbao on 18 and 19 April 2024, bringing together a group of researchers who will discuss the various aspects of the dialogue between translation and identity building in Iberian literatures. Keynote speakers are Denise Kripper (Lake Forest College) and José Antonio Sabio Pinilla (Universidad de Granada).